Cafe Stories

    I have been coming to my local M&S café for years. It’s where I wrote all my essays for Uni, and it’s where I’ve written a lot of blog posts and creative stories. If you take the time to look close enough, it’s not just a sea of grey-haired anonymous...

Visit Wales | GIVEAWAY

    I have only ever been to Wales twice in my life, which is a pretty poor show really for a UK resident. The first time was when I was married, in my early 20s and the whole family went to visit a distant cousin I think for a big birthday get-together. The...

Living With Dad – An Update

    I have been living with my dad for a month as of today. Boy, time sure does fly when you’re a 44-year-old woman living at her parents’ house.  It’s going as well as can be expected. Dad is trying his best to be very tolerant of our...

The Junior ISA

    I learnt three new things this week.   Seagulls on Brighton Pier are not only the size of actual cars but will eat the doughnut right out of your hand if you let them. Cars don’t last forever and once they’ve done 127,000 miles they may...

Garden Wishlist

    The countdown to moving into my new home continues. And continues. Because, I don’t actually have a date yet, but the countdown continues in my head at least.   As you will have seen from my recent homeware haul, I’m finding some absolute gems for...

How do YOU watch TV?

    I’m not sure if I have already mentioned this on the blog or not, but recently I was debating whether to renew my TV licence or not.  My licence expired two weeks before I left my last house and because they don’t do short-term licences (God bless them),...

Fire Tech Camp

    If you follow me on YouTube (if not, why not? etc), you will have seen a short video of Dexter and I going to London last Friday. We were invited by Fire Tech Camp, to spend the day with them at Imperial College playing Minecraft. Well, Dexter was...

Homeware Haul – TK Maxx/The Range/H&M

    If you follow me on social media, you will see that I appear to have a bit of an obsession. No, I don’t mean the Idris Elba one. I mean my current love of all things copper.   I have a bit of an addictive personality so when I like something I...

Sky Studios Tour

    It’s Easter weekend (yay!) … but I still have to work (boo!). However, I took the executive decision to take some time off and actually go out and do something with Dexter today. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with...


      Dexter breaks up from school today and, suffice to say, he’s really looking forward it. As for me … well, the life of a freelancer would dictate that I don’t actually get a break at all, but I have been wondering whether I would be able to find...

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