A Christmas Home with Homebase

  This will be our first Christmas in our new home. I know I’ve said before that it’s a little old-fashioned but I have to say, we feel more at home here then we ever did in our previous rented house.   As I’ve said previously, I...

Switching to LED Lighting

  I am a massive candle lover. No, I don’t mean I love massive candles (although, come to think about it, I do), I just mean I love candles. ALL the candles. I have them in every room in the house and spend far too much money on them. If I could work, cook...

Dating | Cold Fish

  I would be the first person to admit that I find dating difficult, increasingly so the older I get. You may have seen me mention I had a date last week and that it went well but I’ve chosen not to see this guy again, for various reasons … well it’s...

5 Things I Learnt Last Week #3

  What a week right? Such devastating news from around the world has made my little blog seem just so … frivolous. Every time I go to write something funny about dating or moan about how the washing is never ending, my fingers just can’t quite summon up the...

Come Dine with Furniture Village

  I saw my brother and sister in law yesterday as we all took Dad to the hospital for an x-ray. A nice little family outing if you will. I haven’t seen them for ages and it was good to have a catch up. My sister-in-law is lovely. Irish and mad as a box of...

5 Things I Learnt Last Week #2

  I’ve had my fair share of tough weeks in my life, but last week was pretty hard going. I mean don’t get me wrong, my little family and I thankfully have our health and a roof over our heads, but some weeks are just sent to try us aren’t they?   Here are 5...

24 hours on the Norwegian Escape

  It’s always exciting to get an invitation to go on a cruise ship and I have been lucky enough to try out several over the past couple of years. Last week, I spent 24 hours on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Escape, along with a handful of other...

Dreaming of conservatories

  When you work at home like I do, it’s quite difficult sometimes to remain focused. Not only do I have the temptation of Homes Under the Hammer every day (at 10am if you’re interested), but sometimes I just stop work, look around me and plan what I...

House Update

  I know you’ve all been waiting for it, so it’s time for a three month house update! (Yes, I know you haven’t, but I like talking about my new house so there.)   I can’t believe we’ve been here for that long … and it...

5 things I learnt last week

  I like to think that no matter how old I get, I’m still open to learning new things, and with that in mind, here are 5 things I learnt last week:   Parents get old, even superhuman ones   My Dad is quite poorly at the moment and I’m struggling to come...
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