Golfing with Monarch Airlines

  My dad, bless him, always said I was a natural sportswoman. “You could play tennis for England if you wanted to,” was a particular favourite phrase of his but alas, I am built for comfort not speed and so my tennis career never quite took off. The...

‘Just My Look’ REVIEW

    My hair has been considered a thing of beauty throughout my life. OK, I may be exaggerating somewhat, but from my Jon Bon Jovi era in the 80’s through to the current (un)natural red hair lion’s mane it is now, people have always commented on it.   I...

A Life Update & Brita Water Giveaway

  What a week. I’ve been laid up in bed for most of it with a virus/food poisoning thing, I’m not quite sure what, but thankfully I’m finally on the mend … half a stone lighter too! Every cloud.   Life goes on though and the boys...

Visit Jersey Hamper & Competition

    I sometimes get sent items to review on this blog which, of course, I love doing because it opens my eyes to new websites, new products and new brands, and I would only ever feature things on WitWitWoo that I think you guys would find relevant and/or...

New Interior Haul

  You may have seen this post about back-to-school goodies I chose for Dexter from Zazzle (and I even snuck some goodies in there for me too), but this selection is for the house and I thought you might like to see what I chose.   It’s now been two...

Let It Go

  I spent a wonderful few hours yesterday morning with two of my good blogging friends, Alison and Katrina, and, as usual, we put the (blogging) world to rights. It left me in a wonderfully positive mood, so much so that I treated myself to lunch at Zizzis and as...

Back to School with BRITA

    Dexter has really settled into big school now (#praisetheLord), and not only is he able to get home a lot earlier, but he’s coming home happy. I know it’s early days, but all the signs are positive.   I think I may have mentioned before in another...

Back to School with Zazzle

  For those of you that follow my other blog, We Blog Travel, you may remember we ran a competition in conjunction with a company called Zazzle. They make bespoke gifts and very kindly asked me if I would like to choose some products for WitWitWoo to feature....

Stop Apologising. OK?

I received an email late last night from a SEO company that wanted to work with me/the blog. They work for a relevant brand, did some adequate schmoozing by saying how much they liked my blog (I’m easily wooed) and finished the email by saying that they could...

The London Eye & A Hotel Picnic

    Dexter started senior school last Thursday and we’ve already managed to fight about his homework. Go the Suttons! It feels like forever ago that we had a lovely couple of days in London exploring the city so whilst trying to ignore shouts of, “But I...
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